Savings, Service and Knowledge

1-2-3 HomeKeys is a third party real estate firm, a new breed of company structured for the way that consumers want to buy and sell homes. They want the best possible service, the confidence that comes from making informed decisions and real savings through commission rebates and discounts on related services.

An independent, third party real estate firm, we have the liberty to select the best agents in the industry and certify them to join are national real estate network. This exclusive network is comprised of agents from nationally known companies and, where appropriate, leading local and regional real estate offices.

At 1-2-3 HomeKeys we strive to deliver the greatest combination of savings, service and knowledge to our clients on every transaction. This, we believe, is the best definition of value.


  1. Rebates for both sellers and buyers
  2. A $1,000 discount on your mortgage loan if you are purchasing
  3. Buyer’s Bonus Rebate if you both sell and purchase under this program
    See Rebate Savings Table


1-2-3 HomeKeys is structured as a third-party company, which means it does not employee its own real estate agents. This allows us to select experienced, top performing agents with local expertise to serve our customers. We also assign every customer a Personal Transaction Assistant (PTA), who is available to answer questions, solve problems and act as our customer's advocate from initial contact with us right through to the move into their new home.


For key facts about the real estate process, go to the Helpful Info section to gain insights on mortgage loans and for home buying tips.

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